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Happy Clock Day 2008!

2008-08-15 19:03:58 by AlexanderThe9th

Update: ROFL @ the description of my movie in the Clock Day 2008 section! 0/lmaojohnharrisownedxl1.gif

Ownage, approved.

To celebrate the occasion I submitted a Clockday 2008 Music Video and a Clockday 2008 Interview, which is a remake of my Tanooki series! Not only did it get an awesome score, but Tom Fulp put it in the Clock Day 2008 collections page! Thanks again Tom! I was gonna submit part 2 but it said I can only upload 2 flash files a day lawl. So I guess I'll have to wait until midnight. But trust me, it'll be worth the wait. In the meantime check out this screenshot of the score I had when my movie came out of judgment. 4.20? lmao I own

Happy Clock Day 2008!


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2008-08-16 01:04:06

i think they usually default the description anyone puts, no matter what. unless Tom has something special to say about it.

AlexanderThe9th responds:

Yeah that's why I always make my descriptions very imformative because I know Tom usually just uses the descriptions you write :D