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My new movie for KDay 2008

2008-07-18 03:00:26 by AlexanderThe9th

Here's my new movie for Kitty Day 2008!



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2008-07-18 13:42:49

Indeed much lulz to be had. And the story was so touching as well :P.

AlexanderThe9th responds:

I know, I actually shed a tear when I watched it :'(

"No one... no one... NO ONE... can get in the way of what I feel for youuuuuuuuu"



2008-07-18 13:45:02

@Snaws... O_o So that's how it happened! Godzilla ain't got shit on him. @_@

AlexanderThe9th responds:

lol I didn't get to see it because it says it's been removed :(


2008-07-19 04:55:20

sorry to speak bad of anyone else but that was honestly the only KDay submission I found entertaining

AlexanderThe9th responds:

There were a few decent movies for KDay though. BigFuzzyKitten's "Spam Music Video" comes to mind. But anyway thanks, I'm glad you liked my movie! I was actually working on it all day just to get it out for KDay :D


2008-07-19 06:40:25

Yo Nigguh!!!! I Notice You Like ScaryMovieGuy Submission12 Huh!? Well You Shoulkd Check Out Some Of My Shit Bro!!!!! On My NG PAGE

AlexanderThe9th responds:

Alright I'll check 'em out


2008-07-20 08:09:48


AlexanderThe9th responds: